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Nothing is more irritating than getting stuck outside your own home. Sometimes we wish that there is a magic word that can open the gate automatically. Though there are electrically powered garage doors sometimes they just don’t work, especially if you’ve been using it for years. If a problem occurs, then you need to check it to see the cause of the problem.

Garage Door Repair Service

Most people would rather call a garage door repair service than fix the door themselves but before you get a professional help, there are certain things you need to check. In some cases there are problems that you can solve without the need of a professional repair service.  If you want to diagnose the problem then you need to check the following things:

Remote Controls

There are automatic garage doors that open and close using a remote control. If the garage door doesn’t open using the remote but you can open it manually, then you need to change the battery of your remote control. There is a chance that the battery has no power left, which is why it doesn’t work. It is also worth checking that you haven’t accidentally disengaged the garage door motor from the door.

Operator or Power Cable

If you have a new battery in your remote and the gate doesn’t open when pushed check to see if the operator is plugged in and switched on. If it’s not, then you need to switch it on or plug it in so it can run.


Some automatic garage doors have sensors to detect if there is an obstruction. If the detector senses that there is something or someone that is blocking the pathway, the door will automatically re-open. Clean the sensor with a damp cloth to remove the dirt to ensure that this isn’t the case..


These parts play a crucial role in opening and closing the garage door. If the problem is to do with the springs you will need to retention or replace the springs with a new set. However don’t replace the springs yourself, call a garage door repair company to fix the problem.


You should also check the cables to see if they are broken or tangled. If they are you need to replace them with a new cable as it would cause more problems in the long run. You may also need to call for a garage door service to fix or replace the broken cable for you.

Fixing and maintaining an automatic garage door’s performance is easy as long as the problem is simple. If you have done all the suggested tips and nothing seems to  work then you will need to call a garage door company to fix the problem.