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Garage Door Repairs in Melbourne

Choose the Garage Door Repairs in Melbourne we got the experts covering all Melbourne suburbs, providing a quick service response, thats AGG Doors.The following garage door repairs are offered by AGG Doors.

Sectional overhead garage door repairs

Roller garage door repairs

Tilt-a-door garage door repairs

Residential garage door repairs

Automatic garage door repairs

Repairs to garage door motors

We offer a total sales, installation and repair service for almost all garage doors so why would you choose anyone else. Servicing Melbourne residents and businesses for many years, we are always available. So what are you waiting for, call today for any sectional, tilt, roller, home garage door or motor repair.

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You can find a description of our more specific garage door repairs, including some helpful tips and a bit about what the garage door repair entails.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Before calling us out to do a garage door opener repair, it is always a good idea to double check that the door has not been disengaged accidentally and that the circuit breaker is on.

A garage door opener repair can be needed for a plethora of reasons. Some common ones are fault switches or worn gears inside the opener. In any event, if parts to your model of garage door opener are still available, our experienced technicians are trained to repair your garage door.

Another factor that may have to be addressed is whether or not repairing is the economical option, or whether it is worth replacing the whole unit. Sometimes other parts of the opener may also be close to their expiration date or maybe it is an older unit that is ready for upgrade. Our technicians are also happy to help with this decision and will give you their suggestion and reasoning behind it.

When calling up to book in for a garage door opener repair, it is always handy to know which model your garage opener is, eg. GDO2, CAD4 etc. This allows our technicians to make sure they have the appropriate parts for the job.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

If you recognize that your door has a broken spring, stop use immediately manually and automatically. Using the door with a broken spring puts unnecessary strain on the opener and can greatly inflate your garage door repair costs. Operating it manually means that you will be lifting the majority of the doors weight by yourself and can lead to serious injury.

At AGG Doors, we replace garage door springs as a set even if only one has broken. The reason for this is because the springs will be approximately the same age, so have very similar wear and tear, as well as the fact that when one spring breaks, all of the work is forced onto a single spring which damages and wears the spring out quickly. If you only replaced one spring more than likely the older spring will break in the very near future. So to save you two call out fees, it is cheaper to replace both springs on the day of your garage door repair.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Although we credit the lifting of our garage door to the springs, it is the cables that allow this to happen. The majority of the time, the reason for cables snapping is due to wear and tear or a low spring tension over an extended period of time.

Like a spring replacement, a garage door cable replacement is also a dangerous job and we recommend having it done by trained professionals.

When enquiring about a cable replacement, it helps if you know the brand of door as well as what state your door is currently in, eg. the door is tilted to one side and a few hinges are broken.

Garage Door Out of Tracks

Garage Doors occasionally dislodge from tracks. AGG Doors is well equipped to fix this problem. The most common reason for it to dislodge is by high winds, heavy impact or hitting an obstruction during its operating cycle.

Garage Door Brands